Monday, November 19, 2007

still working on those answers...

I began working on responses to the questions and started with the intention of responding to each comment personally but soon realized that I have not the energy at this time to answer so many comments, as wonderful as each comment was. So I will begin again tomorrow and confine myself to the questions only. Thank you again to all of your wonderful students for the awesome thoughts you each shared.

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My apologies to my readers...

for my long silence. I have been ill. Not bed ridden can't get around ill. But too ill to do more than the necessary and I am not well yet. Tomorrow I have an appointment and I hope to get to the crux of the problem - but it does not help that my regular doctor is out for a week. Please join me in praying that the Doctor that I will meet for the first time will be able to sort out the cause of my symptoms.

As well, one of the older children suffered a somewhat serious burn last week (1st and 2nd degree combo) and is recovering from this, so we are short a pair of hands. And we had a pseudo Thanksgiving last week as our eldest daughter was only able to come home last week. So lucky us - we will have two dinners! We never miss a chance to celebrate. I hope to share a few of the pics my daughter took with her cell phone. Our family camera has been pressed into service for the business as the two business cameras gave up the ghost at the same time.

And now I leave you all to go back and read all those lovely comments and questions from the grade seven class so that I can finally answer the questions as I had promised ever so long ago.
Beware though, I am on pain medication that makes me dizzy so the type os might be a bit on the heavy side. Read more!