Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Most Excellent Update on 14 yr old Michael B.

We have gone from thinking 'if Michael pulls through' to 'WHEN Michael pulls through'. Glory be to God and THANK YOU to all who are praying.

However we MUST continue to pray as, while Michael is rallying and feeling the best he has in several days, doctors have warned Michael is facing a potential wall in his recovery that can make a large difference as to how long his recovery will take. His kidneys could still fail, leading to the need for dialysis and/or a blood transfusion.

We, of course, are praying this will not happen and that Michael skirts that wall. Tests have been done to see where his kidneys are at during this critical time.

Still - the news is good and I could not wait to share this with all of you! Please keep the prayers coming so I can keep sharing excellent news!

God Bless you ALL and THANK YOU for your prayers. Michael's parents and family are extremely grateful for the prayers as well as the spiritual support they have received as a result.

Our son is now on his way home to NC so please, if you don't mind, keep his safety in your prayers as well. This weekend he will return to Tennessee to visit the family and hopefully bring the rest of his girlfriend's dorm furniture which had to be left behind in the rush home to see Michael & be with the family.

"How often I failed in my duty to God, because I was not leaning on the strong pillar of prayer."

"You pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him."

St. Teresa of Avila

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Michael is IMPROVING!

Details will follow later, We are waiting for the Doctors report to the family! PRAISE GOD! Keep the prayers coming please so that we see a complete miracle! Read more!

What kind of English do you speak?

In our home we speak English and Spanish and recite various prayers in Latin. A family we know speaks a variety of languages - largely English and German. One of the priests we know speaks French among the many languages he knows. Our eldest daughter has often sung songs that are Gaelic and one of our favourite groups, the Rankin Family, sings often in Gaelic. So it is little surprise that Elsa today came up to me and warbled some strange sounds and then asked me "What kind of English was I speaking Mummy?"

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