Friday, July 22, 2005

It Takes a Family...

Here is a book I intend to read very, very soon! At this time, more can be learned about this book here... Read more!

I have been replaced...

Lately I have noticed that when I try to talk to my husband he seems distracted. Often he is grinning, and sometimes even chuckling a bit. So I will raise my voice.
“Ahem – did you hear that last thing I said?”

“Yup.” – he continues to grin and chuckle.

“What was it?”

“Err, something about the dog needed a walk or…”

“Not Quite. I said that Teddy took the dog for a walk and … are you listening?” I ask again – as his grin broadens even more, and he starts to talk in a low voice in Spanish. “Hola Chicitita! Linda, sinverguenza!!”

“I’m sorry,” he says, looking guilty. “What did you say? I’m trying to listen, really I am!” But his eyes are not on me as he speaks. They are glued on this lovely picture before him.

Feeling even more annoyed I try again, but within seconds I realize that it is useless. After all – what is my story compared to the beautiful baby balanced on his lap? Sighing, I give up, and then laugh.

“Honey!” –I say as I join him in his worship of this chubby little Buddha. “It looks like I have been replaced by a younger woman!” Read more!

side bar lost....

For some reason the side bar, with my profile as well as links, has dropped itself way down to the bottom... so you will need to scroll waaaaaay down to find it... for now. Possibly it will return back to the top - where it belongs. All by itself - just as it moved down ~ all by itself...

Crazy! Read more!