Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life is just so darn busy

...and my brain is just so darn empty these days that I have not been online much. Add to that the fact that typing has been somewhat painful given the injured tendons on my right hand that I have been somewhat judicious about just what I will use that hand for. Given that just lifting Elsa was painful and she was particularly clingy last week... she got the bigger share of my time. It seems that I not only injured my hand but stirred up some old injuries as well, so my back and neck have been complaining. A lot!

Now, I can take a couple of Advils to help relieve the inflammation, and I can rest to help the whiplash headaches, but I have not yet found a solution for the empty brain despite Emma's playful offer to lend me hers.

While preparing supper, a few nights ago, and continuously forgetting why I was standing in front of the fridge, I suddenly called out: "Could someone bring me a brain?", in much the same tone as if I were asking if someone could take out the garbage. Emma was the only one to respond to my bizarre request with a generous offer to lend me hers. I thanked her and went on attempting to prepare the meal despite the lack of co-operation from my brain cells and she stood there watching me with a little smile on her face. Then she looked at me very seriously and said; "Hey Mummy, I'm still THINKING with my brain!" She then giggled and left the room.

Well, at least she can say she is thinking... I'm not sure I can say the same! Read more!