Saturday, September 29, 2007


... the completion of a project that went underway back in March of this year. I hinted at this project a few weeks ago and it gives me great pleasure to announce Holly Pierlot's workshop that is a supplement to her book; A Mother's Rule of Life. (Her book can be purchased here. )

To see the Table of Contents of the workshop - click here. If you think you might find it useful you can click here to go to the link where you can buy it.

I enjoyed this challenge of helping Holly to convert her workbook to an e-book and I have to thank my husband who often stopped what he was doing to answer what must have been to him such simple questions, but were for me difficult obstacles!!! Thank you Hugo, without you... I would be still struggling to figure out how to create a URL that takes one to where you want to be. Totally amazing!

Slowly, but surely I am building up a lovely little repertoire of paid writing jobs. Thanks be to God. I already have another project on the go and I am looking forward to visiting Raleigh where I am being sent to do my research.

I also believe enough time has passed since my last paid article was published so I will share that article later this week with you.

Our family has also been featured recently in another magazine. I was not the author of this article, but rather one of the senior editors, Susie Loyd, of Faith and Family wrote it. I am suppose to get a copy of this article shortly. However, I do not have the rights to share this article with you so those who wish to read it will have to subscribe to the magazine. I will let you know exactly which issue it is/was in when I receive my copy.

Thank You to All the Holy Angels and Saints who kept us going through the trials and tribulations that we went through to achieve the accomplishment of publishing of this eBook. I think it is no small co-incidence that everything fell in place on the feast day of the arch angels. Read more!

What do you do...

...when it is your daughter's fifth birthday and you stop at the local Wal-mart to pick up a small gift to add the pile hidden at home and you slip in a little puddle of water and fall and wreck your right hand?

You know, the one that you need to fashion the eatable flowers for the cake you were going to bake when you got home. The same hand you needed to stir the batter with, that hand you need to cut the hair of three handsome young men whose eyes are disappearing under their bangs....

So what do you do?

You call your 23 year old daughter and ask if she might be willing to cut your boys' hair and when she hears why you need her to do this; not only does she say yes, but she also tells you that she will bake and decorate the cake and asks if you would like to come to her place for the party so you can relax a little....

And you realize what a great daughter you have and thank God for His wonderful blessings. Read more!