Monday, August 01, 2005

We have lost control...

“We have lost control” stated my husband helplessly as he stood there stunned by 2 yr old Emma’s determination to go to the store with him. Her happy little jog down the stairs in her cargo blue jeans, hippie t-shirt and good shoes was followed by a determined little shove past her daddy as she announced “Hey – I’m tumming!” in a voice that was irresistible.

He was standing in the doorway about to slide out hoping she would not see him. Already the little red head, who had quickly whipped his bathing suit off and replaced it with his cords and t-shirt was sitting expectantly in his boaster seat in the car. Emma having noticed him change in the middle of the living room (without his customary – “Hey duys – no lookin, I’m donna be naked!”) had immediately caught on that a trip was about to be made and had dashed up the stairs with a big sister in tow to help her change. In a voice strangled with laughter he stated; “We’re getting too old for this! It’s time to be grandparents!” (Please note however that I am NOT ready to be a grandmother!)
While Emma pranced down the front porch stairs, completely sure of herself, we choked back our chuckles and went out the back door to retrieve her car seat from the van. We know when we have lost, and this time the battle didn't even have a chance to get started. Read more!