Friday, August 10, 2007

play list...

There is a pause on the play list, it is beside the two arrows that are for forwarding and rewinding. Please hit it if you don't want to listen to the music. I will redo the code later this week to allow people to choose whether to listen to the music list or not.

I have figured out what the prizes will be for the contest. Just need to tweak my idea a bit and then hit the sewing machine. Watch for details... will keep this post at the top for a few days, at least until I have redone the code.

In the meantime, I need to go check on the pumpkin bread. I am not using the Down East Maine recipe, although it is almost exactly like the one I am making. However, I am using my daughter's mother in law's recipe so... I don't feel free to post it without her permission.

Next I am working on oatmeal raisin cookies. Thank Heavens for A/C, eh? Here is the recipe I will be using for the cookies but sans the malt flavour - which is optional. Read more!

Thank you Cath!

Cath left a comment, and as I so often do, I followed her back to her blog to take a peek at what her life is like. And I loved her blog. To my other faithful readers, please do not think because I have not made mention of your blog, after dropping by, that I did not love yours as well . I am mentioning Cath's because she very kindly posted directions as how to add the music play list to one's blog when I left a comment on her blog asking her how she had done that!!!

After going there and signing up - I realized that I am going to be the subject of much ribbing because it became apparent that this very music site is one that my older children have told me about repeatedly.

Slowly, I am creating a play list and will try to add it to the blog today, somewhere between the loads of laundry I am washing, drying, hanging and folding and hopefully actually putting away! Currently the house looks like a Chinese laundry mat while I sort through out grown VS still too big clothes.

I am choosing meaningful songs that have beautiful memories attached to them or in some way remind me of my older children's teen years! In that list will be a song that would have been the song Hugo and I would have chosen as our first dance had we had a big formal wedding, instead of the two informal weddings. Yes, there is a story there but that is for another day! Just as we have lived a life filled with craziness and adventure - so is the story of our weddings!

Hmmm - I have an idea for a contest! Details to follow! Read more!

follow up to HOT!

It is 10:30 am here in the eastern side the States and according to one weather report we have already hit 34C (Sorry, my Canadianism is showing through here, I will look this up in Fahrenheit and translate this below!) Expected high is 38, not counting in the humidex factor. With it - we will feel like 42C again.

Maybe now that I have found, err rather now that Benjamin has found, my camera ( and charged a hefty 3$ finders fee, I might add!) I will see if I can gather enough dimes and quarters in my change drawer and run to the store to buy some batteries so that I might be able to share some photos as to how we are coping with this heat spell. Even these temps are hot for us Southerners, esp we Northern transplants.

Check back later to see the photos!

Celsius to Fahrenheit
34 C is 94 F
38 C is 101.4 F
42C is 108F Read more!