Friday, December 08, 2006

Immaculate Mary

Conceived without sin... thank you for your prayers and intercession. Thank you for your holy love that you bestow on us, your spiritual children.
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Thank YOU!

Thank you every one who prayed. We were paid in time to meet the dead line with time to spare. Praise you Jesus, Divine Infant of Prague!
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Please pray...

... we have a deadline to meet by 5 pm today. Several customers owe us for auctions they have won, but not paid for yet. If enough of them pay before five pm, we will be fine. If they do not.... our proverbial goose is cooked. So please join us in prayer!

We will be doing a nine hour novena to the baby Jesus, Infant of Prague. Click HERE to locate the prayer we are using.

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The note was...

... for my birthday and the kids gave me a delightful breakfast in bed and I had the day off. Thank you to one and all for your kind birthday wishes. I hope to share the many delightful birthday notes I received from the children, but I will have to wait until I am in the office as that is where the scanner is located. Read more!