Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

A glimpse of the past years as a father...

There were so many more pictures I wanted to add but started having problems with my neck (old whiplash injury) and then there are the Daddy pictures from with the other older children but they are in albums and as you all know - my scanner is not yet where I can use it.

Thank you Hugo for being a great husband and a wonderful father and for being there whenever we have needed you.

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Ooops did it again!

Open line Saturday came and left - without a post AND I had a question from a reader too! Well - I will just have to write that this week sometime and post it next Saturday. My excuse? Well, lets say it is a combination of vacation time that is coming to a close all too soon, a double date last night with my husband and our married daughter and her husband and a bit of fatigue caused by some of the health issues I am dealing with at this time.

I will tell you though that it was a lot of fun meeting up with John and Jenny and having dinner out with them and simply enjoying being with some of the adult children. It was very enjoyable and I highly recommend it. I have days when I really miss my adult children and now and then I either get to have a great chat that lasts for an hour with one of them or this new experience - double dating and I realize that while they have left home, they are still very near to me. Read more!