Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Tanny Paul! Posted by Picasa

Guess who turned five this month? Nathaniel Paul! Now, although five technically, he is a teen in spirit. Also he is "han'um and dood lookin" But he is not, I repeat, NOT cute!
Babies are cute - Nathaniel is not!

But I say - look at those pictures have you ever seen a more cute - err, sorry, dood lookin', han'um red head?
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Good News Bad News, Bad news Good News

The Good News is that Sam's Club took care of my husband's laptop - no questions asked!

The bad news is my husband lost his wallet with THREE green cards in it, his license and social security card. OUCH! This is going to be a challenge and prayers are heartily welcomed!

Bad news - again.... the transmission went on our "new to us" van - again prayers heartily welcomed! :-)

Good News - this has forced us to go to Mass seperately, which means I went with only three of the girls tonight and actually got to concentrate on the Mass instead of on children 5 and under. What a peaceful experience. I do enjoy attending Mass as a family and I am impatient that we get the van repaired, but at least I have found a silver lining in this problem.

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