Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A new mini poll, a virus and a hefty Doctor's bill.

I have finally created a new mini poll. Summer, if not officially gone, is waving good bye. The local pools are closed. All schools, even those in the north are open for business again. And we, despite another virus hitting us, and hitting us and hitting us and finally sending me scrambling for a doctor this morning (before having established myself with a new practice) started back to school.

My wonderful children dug out their books from closets, packing boxes and corners, dusted off their notebooks, sharpened pencils and set themselves up while I tiredly carried a very cranky but pathetic 16 month around in my arms. I do not understand why one must stand with her and can not sit but there it is - what else do you do for a baby so obviously miserable and in pain.

A few children are suffering from similar symtoms as Elsa, but bravely hit the books and made great progress despite my absence for a full 2 hours at the new doctors' office. First I had to find the place and while I was told I would find it by following the hospital signs, I was not told there are only two signs and one with it's arrow hidden behind a thick bush. Slowing down and streaching up high in the drivers seat of my tank, er I mean van, I was just able to glimpse the arrow pointing right.

Elsa fell asleep as I wound my way through S. Main searching, searching, searching for those elusive blue hospital signs. Just as I was certain that I must have missed Anna Lewis Lane, a blue sign popped up directing me to the right. I took it and promptly missed Hospital Street. I finally found both the road and the building I was looking for. One look at the busy parking lot and its tiny spots capable only of holding European style cars convinced me to park in the Surgeons' Building whose Cadilac sized parking slots were, strangely, all empty.

Despite great effort not to jiggle Elsa awake as I removed her from her car seat - she still awoke but as she was already in my arms, and I was standing up, I had few complaints from her. We crossed the street and started out our first visit to the new practice on fine footing by opening Door Number One and stepping into - an examination room. An occupied examination room. The doctor pleasantly asked if she could help me and I blushingly asked her where the reception area was. She kindly showed me the door next to hers - marked OFFICE.

I apolozied to the 4 year old patient and his mum and slipped through the OFFICE door. With Elsa precariously balanced in my left arm, diaper bag at my feet and my Mother's daily Planner in hand I filled 12 names into the five blank lines titled LIST ALL CHILDREN STARTING WITH THE ELDEST.

Paperwork dutifully completed, Elsa and I waited for our turn. Before long a cheerful looking nurse came along and showed us a room in the back, which sure enough had its own exit door. I was tempted to lock it, but was worried I would forget to unlock it. Besides - there probably weren't too many other newbies out there that would mistakenly believe that Door Number Sixteen was the OFFICE door.

Elsa and I proceeded with flying colours through the rest of the appointment, weighed ourselves at 22.2 lbs and determined that we did not have a temperature and nor did we have an ear infection. No - no sinus drip but the throat was red. So we did a Strep Culture. Negative. So one hundred and twenty dollars later we determined that we probably have a.... virus. Unless it is chicken pox - which by the way is going around.

So here I sit - somewhat poorer but with a new poll up and I realized I had forgotten to check the stats of my summer long, summer cold poll before posting the new poll. Please accept my apologies. However, I do believe that we are a tough gang here at mum2twelve as at last glance to the stats showed those who pop a sudafed, or the like and then move on were far in the lead!

Enjoy the new poll and I will try to not leave it up all Fall season before changing it! God Bless! Read more!

Animal Planet salutes Steve Irwin...

Our family has memories of many many, nights spent cuddled together on the couch as we watched Steve, the great Croc Hunter, wrestle with his most recent rescue. Benjamin, for a time, was Steve the Croc Hunter, dressed in khakies and wrestling with the huge hard pasatic life like croc his brother gave him for his 4th birthday.

Nathaniel spent many a soundless night watching "Teve" hunt down snakes rescue kangaroos and travel the world with his crew, the two years that he struggled with ear infections and his ensuing deafness. Once sound finally returned to Nathaniel's life - 'Teve's family was part of ours.

My favourite epsiode, of course, was the night we saw Bindi Sue born. I was hoping maybe one day to see a similar episode dedicated to Steve and Terri's infant son, Bob and I was especially looking forward to watching Steve interact with his son.

It was with great sadness that I broke the news this afternoon to our children. We were celebrating a birthday yesterday so Hugo and I kept the news to ourselves for the day. We prayed part of our Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Steve, his family and friends.

We will continue to pray for you Steve, and your family! What a life you lived, what life you gave to the world. It will be a sadder, smaller place without you!

We love you Steve.

Here is a great link where one can celebrate Steve's life and memories!

Animal Planet celebrates Steve...