Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Quietly please...

The van had been cleaned up and made ready for a quick run to Ohio. It had been decided who would travel with Daddy on this trip. As it was just guys and no older girls going, the idea of allowing Emma to travel on this trip was shelved due to the difficulties taking her to the bathroom presented.

Emma, while not pleased with this idea, was explaining to anyone who would listen; "I tan't doe 'cause Daddy is a guy. He can't doe to the ladies woom wit me. Daddy is not a Lady, so I tan't doe wit him."

As the hour of departure approached Hugo advised Nathaniel that it was time to gather his things and get in the van. "But please, do it quietly!" he asked as he was trying to avoid a scene with Emma when she was faced with the reality that she actually was staying home.
"Okay!" Nathaniel agreed cheerfully. He gathered his shoes and coat and then whispered very quietly to Emma.

"It's time for me to go on the trip!"

At least he was quiet! Read more!