Friday, May 11, 2007

Veggie Tale Viewers beware!!

The majority of our family are meat lovers. Spare ribs, steak, sausages, ham, bacon, turkey; you name it - we love it. There was one lone family member that from a tender age was not overly fond of meat and to this day prefers a good salad to a ham sandwich. Strange, I know but there it is.

However, one of our natural born meat lovers has been watching movies such as "Chicken Run" as some of you know. Add in movie previews from the likes of "Charlotte's Web" and "Babe" and you run into a problem as evidenced at the dinner table the other night.

Four year old Emma politely refused a serving of meat and watched the others being served. Her eyes fastened on her older sister Gabriela who had been serving. Gabriela sat down and cut into her meat. Emma leaned forward and hissed to her "Do you know you are eating ANIMALS?"

The retelling of this story to me leads me to ask: "Should I be cutting back on the Veggie Tales?" Read more!