Thursday, May 01, 2008

Some New Blogs I am checking out...

There's a mum feeding a huge troop over at "Feeding the Masses" and I figure I need to find out if she has the same problem as I do and it's not tripling and quadrupling the recipes - its finding a pot large enough to handle that many ingredients. As to containers for the leftovers - I ask what leftovers? I found her through "Beautiful Day "where I like to drop in now and then and watch little Madeleine grow. Beth also lead me to another cooking blog - the "Cookin' Sisters" and can one ever get too many recipes? So I have added them to my links as well.
I have also added Minnesota Mom 'cause I drop in there now and again to see how they are doing in Minnesota. And my one of my teenage daughters' favorite blogs is Far Beyond Pearls an endearing blog about the struggles of raising a large family sans Dad most of the year 'cause he is away, months at a time, serving our country and helping to keep us safe. Currently Dad is home and apparently the baby, Penelope, is having trouble accepting him as part of the family. I don't often fully realize the sacrifices our Military families make as a whole, while the mum or dad are overseas protecting our country; so reading this blog helps me to remember this.

There are so many worthwhile blogs out there and I wish I could list them all - but to be honest I don't have a lot of time to read many blogs as tempting as it is to leap from blog to blog. Hopefully over the next few months I can keep adding more. I am hoping to post more regularly - umm where have you heard that before, eh? But I am trying a little experiment the coming weeks and if it works - you will see more posting. If it doesn't, I will not need to announce its failure as it will be obvious. Read more!