Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thanking All Prayer Warriors!

My good friend has asked me thank all of you prayer warriors who were praying for her to have her baby. Not only did she come, but she came pretty quickly! Weighing in at a healthy 10 lbs and 3 oz she is a very peaceful and contented baby and both mum and babe are doing very, very well! Thank you one and all very much!

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What was it I wanted to do?

We had had about three hours of sleep and we were now embarking on the huge task of painting the house, the whole house as I want it completed before we move the furniture in. It is just so much easier to paint an empty house. Still, easier though it may be – it is still a tough job. And very tiring. Especially with so little sleep. Soon I found myself wandering about the house – trying to remember why I had left the living room. ‘What was it I had wanted to do?’, I wondered aloud to myself as I made another pass through the kitchen staring hopefully at the counters, looking for a clue. A third trip through the hallway finally proved successful when my bladder reminded me why it was that I had left the living.

Later in the day it was discovered that we needed some wash buckets, a few rags, a trash bin… so I gathered the keys to the van and headed over to a nearby store. In less than thirty minutes I was pulling back in the drive, purchases completed and ready to head back to work. Hugo was there in the drive getting ready to attack the poison ivy with the bottled solution we had recently purchased. I showed him the shorts I had bought him for just 6 dollars and we chatted for a minute. I then headed into the house with a few of the purchases, attended by a long string of children who carried the rest my cleaning supplies. The screen door swung behind me and dumped everything on the counters. I thought of something I needed to ask Hugo and proceeded to seek him in the living room where he had been painted the past day and a half. He wasn’t there. Hmmm, I wondered where is he? I searched the whole house to no avail so I shrugged my shoulders and went back to the kitchen to start cleaning. At that moment Hugo walked through the back door.

“Oh there you are!” I exclaimed. I’ve been looking for you to ask you something, what were you doing outside?”

My husband stared at me for a second and said; “Ah, I was spraying the poison ivy, remember?”

No – I did not, nor could I remember what I wanted to ask him.

Clearly I do not function well on only three hours of sleep.

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