Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smile God Loves you...

Today I as I clicked on a link in Sister Pats Joynotes I saw the beginning of the title of the post in the tab. "Smile, God loves..." 'you' I filled in the blank. And I'll admit it - I kind of rolled my eyes - its so, uh, cliche. But sometimes God needs us to be cliche or as the author of this post called it - dorky. To find out what I mean click here.

My husband has put his back out, four children are in a piano recital tomorrow, one of my oldest girls is MIA as she was called at the last minute to babysit for her niece this week. She is in the recital which I stupidly thoughtfully offered to make about 5 dozen cupcakes for. At the time I did not know that 1) I would be short a pair of hands and 2) the recital had been changed from Saturday to Friday.... apparently weeks ago but no one thought to tell me.

My time frame just lost 24 hours... and a pair of hands. Did I mention that fact already? Add in a severely incapacitated husband whom I depend on being extraordinarily helpful with the baby as well as looming seminar deadlines that are creeping up on us at lightening speed, mix in a little sleep deprivation (don't ask!) and I am bordering on hysteria BEGGING for prayers!

So after you stop reading and immediately recite the rosary pray for me , don't forget to check out the post I mentioned in my opening paragraph. And remember to 'Smile - cause God Loves you'.

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