Sunday, July 06, 2008

The business...

...of being born is an incredible movie. To see a preview and it's official site click here. As you can imagine being a mother of 12 children born over three decades - I found this movie fascinating.

I highly recommend that any mother facing birth watch this movie. If nothing else it will convince you how important it is to be informed so as to be able to make good decisions for you and your baby. The old adage a little knowledge is dangerous - far from applies in today's high tech approach to birth. Today a woman needs to have every "little piece" of information that she can find. She needs to be an informed consumer so as to not come away from what can be the most empowering experience of her life - feeling stripped of her independence and every shred of her dignity.

Whether you are expecting your first or your fifth or simply know someone expecting - watch this very enlightening and thought provoking movie. I bet none of you knew that the US, of all the industrialized countries has the second highest maternal mortality rate. I didn't.

This movie is available for rent from Netflix both in the instant watch format as well as a DVD that can be mailed to your home.
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