Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In the same vein as Monday's Post ....

Sunday, when we ate at Adam's Pizzeria -Adam lamented to us how much he misses his family. He is one of 14 children and is originally from Egypt, his parents are both dead now and his siblings spread through out the world. He talked about how as a young man he came here to visit and ended up staying - enamored by the ease of life, the quick dollar earned. He quickly amassed a small fortune for himself, and eventually bought a house - 12000 square feet in Europe - somewhere on the water and was reprimanded by his older brother when he complained that it was not 15000 square feet.

Adam told us; (Hear this in the accent of the Ivan Korshunov the terrorist leader, from Air Force One) "He said to me, Brother - do you not remember when we were 16 in a house of 1500 sq feet, 7 to a bedroom and HAPPY? And you complain for the lack of 3000 square feet? Do you not see how your materialism has gained you nothing? NOTHING!”
And Adam shrugged his shoulders as he gazed at the children with us and said," He is right. We have our TVs, our money, our houses and cars and yet we are not happy. We were so happy then when our biggest care in the world was getting a meal a day. "

Then while we were eating he said; “You know, you are like family to me and if you do not mind I would like to pass by your house now and then to have, what is you drink in Canada? Tea?”

We told him that of course he was very welcome – please, whenever! (And I thought to myself ‘and of course he will show up on the day that we have papers all over the floor and the floor unwashed for two days (and it only takes is one day to look filthy!) Nathaniel will have built his massive train track, and Emma will have knocked it down so that it is in pieces - all over!!!’)

When we left, I looked over my shoulder at his empty restaurant and at him in the kitchen, washing his counters... all alone. I felt very sad for him and very grateful for my family! We are living what are his memories. It is, I will be honest, hard to appreciate the idea that fighting day by day is wonderful but still - I understand what he means. We are together, loving each other and enjoying each others company. The absence of Aimee and Jenny emphasize even more what I think Adam was trying to say. Enjoy what you have WHEN you have it. It is gone in the blink of an eye.

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