Thursday, August 14, 2008


When you decide to purchase a container of hot chocolate as a surprise for your 11 year olds birthday coming up in October, remember to take it out of the bag of clothes you hid it in before deciding at the last moment to chuck these clothes into your brand new front loader washer to soak for 2 hours... You know, just in case you picked up any stains while traveling to Ohio. You might really want to reconsider doing this given almost all of this clothing was new to you from the consignment sale you attended last Saturday and were so thrilled to get such nice clothes for so little. It is not so much how much you paid for these clothes that you soaked in hot chocolate this morning, as to how much it would cost to replace all of it... new. THAT is what hurts, as well the fact that you totally destroyed an unopened expensive birthday gift to boot!

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I checked the weather forecast to see how low our low might be tonight - in hopes that the upstairs will cool off nicely - as it did last night. And... there was a weather advisory. I clicked it to see if we were expecting a simple thunder storm or something bigger.

Oh yes - it is something bigger. Uh huh! We have a WINTER ADVISORY in effect. My eyes bulged - I swear I felt them bulge, and I decided to check the low - it is a measly 16 c or about 60 F.

Cough Cough - is this someone's idea of a joke, or does google weather really think we are that wimpy here in NC that 60 F in August requires a WINTER ADVISORY???

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