Friday, June 06, 2008

Prayers Please

I have two prayers requests: one of thanksgiving that Holly Marie from Good Remedy has come though her cleft pallet surgery with flying colours and is already home! If you wish to meet Holly and her lovely family click on Good Remedy above.

My second prayer request is for a family I have not met but that my neighbour knows. The two families attended the same preschool group last winter and they are from our neck of the woods here in NC. Their beautiful baby girl was born this spring, with seriously damaged heart. This family has been through the mill, several times, since Grace was born. Now it has been finally decided that a heart transplant is Grace's best hope for survival. And that is what it is all about - survival. This baby has been fighting daily for her life. To meet Grace and her family and to read their prayer requests click here.

Another baby who could use prayers of thanksgiving as well as continued prayers for help is my daughters god father's granddaughter. She was born in March weighing just over a pound and is now closer to eight lbs than seven! Is that not amazing. At this point they are looking at June 11th, the baby's due date, for release from the hospital. However, she is being released still on oxygen and on a feeding tube - not ideal conditions so please keep this new family in your prayers as they face the challenges of caring for a still somewhat fragile, but incredibly beautiful baby. To read her story click here. Read more!