Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Final Update on Baby Gracie

THE LORD JESUS CALLED OUR AMAZING GRACIE HOME THIS MORNING AT 8:08 Am. After a 7 month fight to remain with mom and dad, brother and family, Our Lord said,"Gracie you come home to me now"

Gracie battled mightily throughout the night. At 3:30 A.M the family gathered and began a wonderful time of each one holding Gracie and sharing her sweet kisses and loving her with all that we have.

Grandpa Brown decided to go last as he got to spend three precious hours holding Gracie on Monday before the surgery. Everyone had a glorious time. GrandPa Bill Lockyer had her snuggled sweetly in his arms shortly after 8:00.

Gracie had been unresponsive for the two hours previous and the Doctors and nurses had told us that she may have already passed and was being kept alive by the medicines and machines.

However the wonderful Savior knew different and Gracie opened her eyes wide, turned her head, gave two deep breaths and left with the Lord to heaven. Heaven was in the room.

Thank you all so much! We love you. Arrangements will be posted soon.

Grandpa Brown for Todd and Amanda

From Todd and Amanda:

The last few hours have been a whirlwind!! But, please do not be shocked and saddened--we are rejoicing. Gracie has been given the victory! We were fighting to keep her here and she fought with us each minute of each day without looking back....but when the Lord Jesus called her name, she obeyed and everlasting peace and comfort began for her--to never end!!

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A story teller is born...


This morning as Elsa and I started our day - it was decorated with a little story. Told by Elsa.

"Once upon a little girl who walked and walked in lots of ponds. There was mud and she forgot her shoes and her socks. Then came three bears and then they went in the house. And when they were there the little one said (add in falsetto voice) 'Some one ate it all up.' The end. "

What a wonderful way to start the day - with a happy little story, told by a happy little girl.

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(Drum roll please.....)

.....HOT WATER.....

Now, thank heavens, I don't need to invest in one of these or look around for an avid camper to borrow one of these. After all - it has only been 35 days since we have been able to enjoy the luxury of simply turning a tap and feel the warmth of hot water running over our finger tips.

Now if you excuse me - I think I will go enjoy one of these......

(photo credit for bath

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