Friday, September 29, 2006

As promised...

...only I decided to take pity on you and dressed in long pants, rather than subject you to back of my chubby knees! I feel as though I have cheated because one always looks slimmer in black. I have to say that I am sure that I am bigger than I appear in this picture.

I'll be back next month, and will use the same outfit in hopes that we can see a difference.
At the very least I will post as to whether the pants (still maternity ones) are any looser!
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Ooohpa Mummy!

Ever had the perfect picture and just as the camera snaps, your subject sneezes or moves, or better yet someone cuts in on you? Well, at our double birthday this week I was snapping pictures of people being silly in the birthday hats I had bought and suddenly - there was Elsa walking towards me in a hat! The hat was just right. The expression perfect. I gasped and snapped the picture.

But when I reviewed it, there was no hat and that 'just right' expression was gone. But the picture actually was perfect - in fact, much better than what I had planned on. It captures just what being a mummy is all about.

Being there, just when you are needed.
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