Monday, March 02, 2009

Are you a twitter?

If so, you really need to check out TweetCatholic.
BTW - do you know who are the three most followed Catholics on Twitter?
Then check out TweetCatholic.
Did I say that TweetCatholic is Sweet?!

And if y'all not 'a twitter' - check it out anyway!

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Snow Day...

...and school is canceled. After all who could resist taking the day to enjoy this....

'Early Morning Sun' by Bethany Rose (10 yrs)

'Icicles' by Bethany Rose (10 yrs)

Enjoying the neighbours driveway!
(You know we are in the south when your neighbour is encouraging the kids to pile snow ONTO the driveway - instead of shoveling it off!) (photo by mum213 :)

I have 2 videos of the sliding - if only I could get the links to work. Maybe my jpgs are too large? Anyone have some ideas - if so could you comment or email me?

(Please, if anyone shares the photos by Bethany give her credit as they are her property! :-)

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A little change from puppy news...

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Today he comes!

Yes! Today the repairman comes to ... repair my dishwasher. Oh I hope it is something that can be repaired easily AND today! My beloved washer is but 6 months old. Surely we have not worn it out already? We are only running it twice a day! Maybe we should have gone with Maytag so that the repairman could stay... as bored as this guy looks!

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