Saturday, May 09, 2009

Borrowing an idea...

...from Building Cathedrals, a blog by seven graduates of Princeton who, upon starting to build their cathedrals, realized they still had much to learn! However, I just gleaned a great idea for helping little ones to participate in the Rosary from them - to take a peek at this fun blog and a great idea - click here.

Amanda, dearest, you know your mother is hopeless with any needle but a sewing needle so the flowers will have to fall upon you, if we are to have them crocheted. Hmmm - 4 little ones times 50 hail maries... you will be busy for quite some time! Perhaps we will have them in time for thier little ones?

Never fear - I have my creative thinking cap on and will be looking at different options such as felt flowers with beaded centers, paper flowers to begin with, cloth flowers with embroidered centers, laminated paper flowers with intentions on them... the possibilities are endless.

As you can probably tell - I am thrilled with this idea, especially as we have temporarily put the Rosaries aside and have simply been using our fingers. Can anyone guess why?

At any rate this is a lovely thought that I am going to pursue especially as this is Mary's month.

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You know this old familiar tune

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb... Mary had a little lamb and its fleece was white as snow.

For some reason 6 yr old Emma thinks this is Mary - Jesus's mummy...

Hmmmm, there is a certain logic there, no?

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