Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dryer Update

After waiting for about three hours for the same load to dry and even after removing half of it and stringing it across the line on the porch... nine year old Bethany finally came to me with her tale of whoa.

"Mummy - I fear your dryer might be broken. What will we do? My clothes are still not dry and not even the towels I hung on the clothes line on the porch are dry. "

Small wonder given the humidity we are suffering these days.

Now my faithful machine has been grumbling of late, in a high pitched sort of way. Something reminiscent of the whine of racing car tires on hot pavement until it slowly settles into a low rumble that fades away. Every day - it takes just a little longer for it to fade. So when Bethany broke the news of the lingering damp clothes that were just refusing to dry I resigned myself to the idea that the dryer was finished, capoot, DEAD

Well - I decided to pull out the dryer and make sure nothing had fallen on the vent. Lo and behold - it was crunched up so tight a spider would have been challenged to get through it never mind pounds of hot air trying to escape to the great wide outdoors.

I rearranged things took a deep breath and turned the dryer back on and presto - dry clothes 40 minutes later. So to all who opted to pray that my dryer would miraculously repair itself - thank you. To all who were praying that I am somehow able to miraculously afford a new set of stackable front loading environmentally friendly laundry machines, please feel free to continue in that vein. After all, one never knows when my poor old loyal dryer actually will give up the ghost.

God Bless you all and all joking aside - thank you very much for your prayers. Read more!