Tuesday, February 10, 2009


...life just comes to a stand still when you have a newborn in your life! I have some scheduled posts for the next few days while I focus on getting our life with a newborn into a new groove.

Never mind trying to get school work completed, groceries bought, meals planned and keep moving forward with the new business going while the savings we have been living on d w i n d l e... we have to make life flow with the needs of this tiny fragile blessing that God has entrusted to us. It does not help that she suffers from reflux and is often in pain, There is nothing worse than watching a child, especially such a tiny one, suffer.

Please keep Cecilia in your prayers as well as our new business.

We REALLY need this business to take off. The next two months will be very, very stressful. I will try to keep posting, but it might just be a lot of pictures. I know I LOVE picture snaps of other bloggers' lives. I hope you enjoy the future ones I will be posting.

mum2twelve aka mum2abakersdoz

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How long does a new born last...

This is what the Temples are asking over at Blessed Among Men and my answer is...


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