Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small Successes...


1) Got my hair CUT this week after wanting to do it for about three months! LOVE IT! And probably shed a few pounds as a result! Seriously - we cut so much off I bet I lost at least a pound! :-)

2) FINALLY called the repair guy for my under warranty BRAND NEW dishwasher that is grinding and groaning! He will be here Monday - praying my beloved dish washer lives until then.

3) Did a dry run of my first ESL class to see how long it would go - should take a solid hour to go through it all. My kids played the part of ESL students. Benjamin practiced his Spanish accent and Bethany pretended to need the work sheets to answer! Noah was the wise guy and Gabriela the perfect student who always got it right! Cecilia played the cute and silent student while the three little ones watched a cartoon or two!

This is the first week I felt I had some small successes since they started this! Guess my post partum tears have finally passed! Looking forward to posting more!

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Sunday night Anna wandered into the kitchen and asked permission to make a delicious chocolate pie she has recently made for her sister, but we were missing a key ingredient. Could she call her Dad while he was at the store to pick it up.

Spying two cell phones on the counter she picked one up, noted it was her fathers and tossed it back on the counter declaring "Ugh, I don't like Daddy's cell phone, I'll call him with yours!" In so saying she grabbed mine and flipped it open to dial her dad's phone.

I chuckled and picked up her father's cell phone and waved it in front of her face - waiting for the groan of comprehension! It came quite quickly broadening my grin even more. But maybe I should have just let her dad's phone ring...

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