Friday, May 26, 2006

Elsa's first Birthday

Recently Elsa turned a year and as per our family tradition - she was treated to her first taste of chocolate. Quite a number of babies ago - we instituted this tradition in hopes of keeping older children from sharing too many goodies with the babies before they were even ready for table food. It has worked pretty well and the older children await the first birthday with great anticipation - anxious to see the look of delight and surpise in their youngest siblings eyes, and on their face, with that first taste of chocolate.

Join us below in the most recent celebration of this family tradition... Read more!
The delicous birthday cake, a Double Chocolate Mousse, donated by Sweet Loralee Bakeries

Our 19 year old caught cutting the cake BEFORE I had a picture of it!

Is some of that for ME?

What's this? MUD?

Emmmm! Elsa loves stawberries - who cares about chocolate?

Contented but very sticky, and maybe a little sick of chocolate?
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