Sunday, July 24, 2005

You know you are a large family when...

You can’t sit everyone around an 8 ft long table.

It takes over two dozen eggs for everyone to have their fill.

Two fridges can’t hold a weeks worth of groceries.

A dozen rolls of toilet paper won’t last a week – so you switch to single ply, hoping that will help.

You are buying two sizes of diapers and pull-ups…

It takes 45 minutes to make enough grill cheese sandwiches and 10 minutes for them to disappear, only to realize you forgot to eat one yourself.

A 15 passenger van only allows you one guest – if you don’t bring anything with you on the trip.

Not everyone can have a turn leading a decade in the Rosary – even if you were to pray it twice in one day.

You find yourself surfing the restaurant supplies online in hopes that you might find a soup pot large enough to hold your family's favourite soup.

After you give your order at McDonalds, they look over your shoulder for the soccer team.

It’s been 23 years since you have slept through the night, and you realize it will be another ten or so before you do.

It takes two crock pots to hold a recipe you have quadrupled with the vain hope you might have leftovers.

You have more joy and blessings in one day than you feel that any one person deserves.

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