Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oh my...

Oh My is actually the title of the post I am linking to. And this is exactly what I found myself saying in my head as I read... Oooh My! Especially the part about answering the same question again and agan. I recently told my children that I thought that maybe they should form a "question committee" so as to avoid being the inevitable child who receives a growled answer to the 10th rendition of the same question. At least one child was insulted by this slightly tongue in cheek suggestion while others laughed. You guessed it - the one insulted was the child recovering from a growled response. But ooooh my! Go read what Sister Faustina would say about my 'question committee" & equanimity! Perhaps I need to locate a copy of this book.

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Is it 1984

or 2009? Perhaps George Orwell was only off in the choice of his title of Nineteen Eighty-four. Perhaps it should have been Two Thousand and Nine.

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A great idea

...should always be shared. Something we will be taking into consideration in our home - click here to see what I am thinking about.

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