Tuesday, September 25, 2007


... can entrap us all. It can be a sly enemy that creeps up and slowly envelopes you so that you become like a fly trapped in a spider's web. Today I realized that fear often trips me up and keeps me from doing things I know I can do but am afraid to try; because maybe... I ... will... fail.

Now after thinking about just that... I came across this post that was sent to me through Sister Pat's Joy Notes. Timing is everything, eh?

And speaking of timing, I am up WAY too late working on a project that Holly Pierlot and I hope to launch on her website this week. But as I was preparing to sign out of my gmail account I saw the Joy Notes and just had to peek and then I just had to read a little and then I just had to share the post that connected so well with my earlier thoughts....

And tomorrow when 6 am rolls around and I am lying in bed wondering where to grab the energy to push all the kids out of their beds, plus a few into the tub because they fell asleep at the table before I could bath them... well - I will be just right pleased with myself - won't I?

Tomorrow, if there is time, I hope to share a beautiful novena a friend sent to me.
Until then... sleep well and GOD Bless!!! Read more!