Monday, July 16, 2007

Yet another prayer request

Please pray for a very beautiful couple K. and E! They are expecting their first baby in ten days, only one short year since their wedding last June.

Unfortunately, several weeks ago I noticed that K's feet were very swollen. Very Swollen. We chatted a bit about that and some ideas for helping to reduce swelling.

Sadly today I received a phone call. accompanying K's swollen feet for the past three weeks has been swollen BP figures. Today those numbers reached a critical high and K has been admitted for induction. Please pray for her and her baby and her husband. K is at risk of going into seizures. I am very worried for her.

I will let you know how all goes and if I get permission I will release the first names but for now I will stick with initials. Please also keep K's very frightened mother who is traveling a long distance alone by car to be with her daughter, son in law and new grandchild.

"Mary we ask you to place your mantle of protection over this new little family. Pray for the grand mother as she travel to her daughter. She is full of concern and love for her daughter much as you must have felt as your traveled to Elizabeth with no thought for your own comfort but instead, full of love and concern for your cousin.

Please, through your prayers of intercession protect this grandmother from reckless, careless drivers or anyone who could harm her in any way. Protect her from mechanical failures of any sort, or running out of gas. Pray for her to a careful and observant driver herself.

We place them all in your tender care Mary and ask your son, the greatest healer, to place His loving hands over our dear friends and gently guide this new life into the world.
Amen!" Read more!

Pool time = Prayer time

With summer time comes pool time. With pool time comes water. With lots and lots of water, comes puddles. Oodles and oodles of puddles.

Add to this equation, summer wear like, oh, flip flops and you have skids and ... falls. Now bad enough is the skidding and sliding about like a baby giraffe trying to balance herself the first time on her spindly legs. But worse are the bruises that come to doing it twice within a few hours of each other. Then not only is the body bruised, but so is the ego.

But while the ego bounces back fairly quickly, not so the spine that feels more like a twisted pretzel than a malleable but straight nerve center. At fourty-five, I don't deal as well with these falls as I used to. So please feel free to throw a few prayers this way. I think I will be needing lots of them. That or the pool, and its puddles, will need to go! Read more!