Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I found the link to this wonderful interview on Danielle's website so for people who are also reading her website, and have already read it - I'm sorry BUT this was too awesome not to post! It was so wonderful to see in print much of what I already think and feel.

To touch on just one of her thoughts - a baby does bring so much joy to the family. Even my daughter,Amanda, who is 22 and actually older to her youngest sister than I am to Amanda, can't get enough pictures of her baby sister. While she loves all her siblings deeply - right now she is just in awe of the baby. It is wonderful to see. I don't which is more fun to watch - her with Elsa or the youngest siblings who are instinctivly protective of her.

Well - speaking of Elsa - she is hungry so I had best go feed her, and it is time for the Rosary as well. In fact - we are late now that I look at the clock.


http://www.priestsforlife.org/testimony/dippolito.htm Read more!


When Elsa was about 4 weeks old, and I was still feeling the ravages of a c-section I was at a parish function and a mother mentioned to me how she was hoping to have another baby soon. She is the mother of a large family and is, at the moment, nursing a 5 month old.

I stared at her and clearly the look on my face said “Are you crazy?”, as she laughed at me. I stammered “But, but you JUST had a baby?!”
“I know, she said, but you just had one sooner, so of course you think I am crazy! But I just love giving life, and I so want to have one more baby, before I am too old to be able to have any more.”

The conversation changed, and I thought no more of it for a while. Then when Elsa was about 7 weeks old – I caught myself thinking; “It would be so awesome to have one more baby – a little boy, some blue around the house again would be nice.”

This thought, before it had entirely registered, was sadly immediately followed by the thought of “what would my father say?” I sat there pondering this reality, that my family while embracing each of my children fully, does not understand my willingness to have so many children. To be open to life.

Suddenly an answer to the question; “Aren’t you too old?” posed itself in the form of another question.

“If I am too old – why does God allow women my age to still be fertile?” Read more!