Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today is the Feast day of the Exaltation of the Cross.

Please Jesus, keep true to your promise that you would never lay a cross greater than we can bear upon our shoulders. And when we forget this promise, remind us. Put somone in our way to tell us this, allow a page to open to the right spot in a book, let an image come to us. In some way, remind us of this promise and give us hope, that we might not despair.

When we are overwhelmed, remind us to look no further ahead than this day. Help us to remember to ask for the graces to get through this day and leave You to mind the future for us. Remind us to ask for the graces and the needs of this day to be taken care of.
Remind us to then to thank you for this day.

Further reading on the Exaltation of the Cross

Suggestions as how to celebrate this day as a family.
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Now a moment from our sponser...

Well - I do not really have a sponser, it would be nice, though, if I did. However I did want to remind people that I do have an online gift shop with a pro life and pro family theme. I had expanded it to allow for more variety of options, but sales have been slow (Err dead is more like.) so I am currently using the free version of this online store. Sadly, this limits my choice of images that I can offer on each item of clothing (ie I can only have one image available to choose from on, say, the baby ts. But if I pay a shop keeper's fee, I could offer several different images as options for the baby ts for you to choose from). Still, it does not limit your choices in clothing or sizes.

And there is a great variety available in clothing articles. There are baby onsies, bibs, hooded jackets and t-shirts, short leeved or long. There are base ball caps and coffee mugs to boot! There are calendars and journals, hand backs and mousepads . Take a moment, if you have the time and peruse my online Country Cupboard. Maybe you will see a gift you would like to put away for Christmas or a birthday coming up. I have purchased some of the items myself to determine the quality of the material. The t's that I bought have held up in colour, have not shrunk and still look very nice. The stein my son chose for himself was very nice. I have not purchased any of the calendars or post cards etc that they have but given my satisfaction with the other products I have purchased I think I will probably order an oversized calendar - with one of my own images - of course! All images that are being used on the articles offered for sale in my little shop are either photos taken by myself, one of our children or is a cartoon drawn by Anna, my fourth daughter, sixth child of the twelve.

So - if you have time, and a little change clanging around in your pocket, grab a piping hot cup of tea and and a biscuit and sit down to explore our Sponser! I am hoping to eventually create my own website and I could then offer these items straight from there.

As a last note as I toot my own horn, I humbly ask for prayers for our family. As most of my readers know we are self employed. This month we are praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance as what we are to do in the future as a gainful means of employment. It is a fearful time for us as we do not know what this prayer will bring, but after five years of struggling with a very promising business that just will not emerge from infancy to full adulthood and hence be a fully profitable business that allows us not only to pay our bills, but pay them on time and regularly. It is a very difficult time for my husband who is working very hard with only our 19 year old son to help him. Please join us in our prayers as we ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us and pray for protection from the devil as he is trying very hard to drive us from this road of guidance. Please also pray that the Holy Spirit will open the doors wide that we may see where He wants us to go. This is especially scary as one can never know what this will entail. Read more!

Some examples of what is available in my shop...

A lovely and useful tote bag, found in my Odds and Ends section.
(If you want to see more - just click on a coloured phrase anywhere in this post.)

Raglan style T, just one option of many in the adult clothing section.

A prolife mug that would make a nice gift for a co-worker or relative celebrating a birthday.

This is a baby onesie.

This is an adult hood sweat jacket.

I have tried to price the merchandise low enough to keep it affordable
and still make a few dollars profit.
I hope, if you check out the shop, that even if you do not purchase anything you will have enjoyed perusing my little online shop. I hope soon to be able to expand again and be able to offer more selections of images per item.

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