Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Updates on prayer requests!


According to a recent email, Nick Y has had surgery and is expected to be in hospital 5 - 7 days. I do not know if he is still in ICU but very well maybe as he has a chest tube. Apparently this happened, to him, once before - five years ago. Please uphold this family in your prayers. While they are part of a very loving parish and will get much support - they are in a particularly challenging situation. In January they were transfered to a nearby State. Nick, due to school, opted to stay in NC. Therefor while the family is here (with ALL of other 7 the children) they do not have a home to call their own. As I said, they have lots of support here, but still - this has to add to the stress!

On a positive note STORY has been released from hospital and has gone home with her two loving parents. To see her enjoying the experience of being at home click here.

Gracie, continues to need much prayers as do her family. Gracie is around 3 to 4 months old and here is a quote from her caringbridge site as to where she is now:

"Options for Gracie:

Spend the next few weeks (1-2 months) giving Gracie physical/occupational therapy, giving her lots of love and food here at Duke, then proceeding to the second open heart surgery and praying that her heart is strong enough. If they decide this, they may also give her a tracheotomy.

#2- Proceed towards transplant because they feel her heart is not strong enough to handle a second open heart surgery. If this is the case, we have no idea when a heart will come and Gracie is very low on sedation…and the ventilator tube is driving her crazy! But if this is the option—she cannot have a tracheotomy because it will change her transplant status.


At this point they have been gradually weaning her off the heart meds and the plan is to do the extubation of her breathing tube this Wednesday - however, if Gracie cannot tolerate this - she will then have a tracheotomy placed and this will, if I understand correctly, eliminate her from the heart transplant list. Please continue to hold Grace and her family in your prayers, especially this Wednesday. To follow her progress click here.

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Too clever by half!

Have you ever been tempted by the very cuteness of your baby to threaten to just "eat her all up"? I have, and Hugo is prone to this also. We have moments when we can not bear their cuteness anymore and tell them we are just going to eat them all up, sometimes just 'cause we are hungry or sometimes for a specific meal. If we follow through with our threat than the child is tortured with kisses and tickles, all over, until they are breathless from giggling and chortling.

Elsa, however, is too clever by half. For instance yesterday when her Daddy announced he was going "eat Elsa for supper" she responded; "You can eat Elta all up for supper, but I am NOT Elta!" and when telling me about this later, he shared how she typically agrees to this threat to be eaten for supper with: "Emma is for supper, I am dessert!"

This is a girl that will not be falling for any pick up lines!

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