Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Change of plans...

This week was going to be our all out bake-athon prepare for Christmas week. However, the metal bowls typically used in the kitchen have been called to duty all over the house. Some are here beside the bed in my room, others are lolling about the living room floor strategically placed between the couch and inflatable mattress that is covering the floor space between the couch and the TV. The TV is grinding along, cheerfully spinning out video after video and DVD after DVD entertaining those too ill to really care what is on the screen.

Your prayers are gratefully received and we beg for their continuance.

My posts may be a little sporatic over the next fews days, but do look for the results for the poll regarding Shicken Run and St Nick as well as what St Nick decided to do about this much loved

In the meantime, during this lull in the storm I will do a little writing as well try to catch up with email.

God Bless
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