Thursday, December 14, 2006

But I thought...

Bethany: Emma, stop erasing the prayer off the board. Mummy, look what Emma is doing!

Me: Emma stop erasing the board!

Bethany: Mummy - look she is still doing it. EMMA - Stop!

Sound of Emma giggling!

Me: Emma stop! (This is accompanied by a stern look.)

More giggles followed by:

Bethany MUMMY!!

Me: Emma stop! (This time I remove her off the box she is standing on to reach the board)

Emma: Momma, can I have a chocolate?

Me: (Seeing an opportunity to teach sorrow for ones sins!) No, not after what you were just doing.

Emma: I'm sorry Momma.

Me: Thank you Emma.

Emma: Can I have a chocolate now?

Me: (A little exasperated) No Emma, you can't. Not after how you were behaving.

Emma: (Surprised) But I thought that if you were sorry you could have a chocolate! Read more!

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