Thursday, December 14, 2006

But I thought...

Bethany: Emma, stop erasing the prayer off the board. Mummy, look what Emma is doing!

Me: Emma stop erasing the board!

Bethany: Mummy - look she is still doing it. EMMA - Stop!

Sound of Emma giggling!

Me: Emma stop! (This is accompanied by a stern look.)

More giggles followed by:

Bethany MUMMY!!

Me: Emma stop! (This time I remove her off the box she is standing on to reach the board)

Emma: Momma, can I have a chocolate?

Me: (Seeing an opportunity to teach sorrow for ones sins!) No, not after what you were just doing.

Emma: I'm sorry Momma.

Me: Thank you Emma.

Emma: Can I have a chocolate now?

Me: (A little exasperated) No Emma, you can't. Not after how you were behaving.

Emma: (Surprised) But I thought that if you were sorry you could have a chocolate!


Odd, Lorcan seems to have lost his cookie!!! said...

Ah my, the two cental pillars of faith, atonement and forgiveness!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am laughing.... but I have that times TWO!!!
Rafael was testing me today - he got a tiny bionicle from a friend yesterday. Well, upon misbehaving today I took it away. Oh the wailing. Say, did you not hear it?
Well, he continued to defy me, ridicule me.... you know. We've talked about it. Well, now it is 10 sleeps!!!! until he gets it back. Ha! Tomorrow, I have leverage - "Daddy, I still have my cool stuff (= legos, solidiers), that's good, right?"
Daddy: "well make sure you don't lose that one too."
Still laughing - let's talk on the phone these days about coming to visit.