Friday, May 15, 2009

A respectful dialog... which two people share very different views that are not so often shared in such an intelligent and polite manner with respect being shown to the opposite view. Blessed among men, in this post, clearly and respectfully clears up the misconceptions that were expressed to her by one of her readers. I love how Suzanne explains so well the difference between artificial birth control and NFP.

"NFP is not birth control. It does not approach a woman's fertility like a medical problem that needs treatment. Avoiding a pregnancy through communication of spouses and self sacrifice while observing the natural law for the common good of the family is a very different thing than engaging in a natural process while at the same time actively thwarting that process."

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WHY would the students protest Obama's presence on their campus? Maybe because "From the time of his election, on through his first 100 days in office, President Barack Obama has proved himself to be the most pro-abortion president in American history."

Quick recap of Obama's pro-death achievements since taking office can be found here
It's quite shocking. Even if you think you have been staying on top of what he has been doing this quite takes your breath away. AND Notre Dame honours him?

Just learned today that the president of Notre Dame Father John Jenkins sits on the board of Millennium Promise which endorses the use of birth control and ABORTION as a means of fighting poverty in Africa. Here is the article about it. Here is the list of directors. Kinda helps clear up the mystery as to how the President of a Catholic University sees no problem with inviting AND bestowing an honorary degree on Obama, doesn't it.

Lets us ALL pray the Rosary TODAY for the reparation of sin that is being endorsed by this priest of our Catholic Church!

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UPDATE on 14 yr old Michael B.

As of yesterday afternoon Michael was continuing to improve. He is still seriously ill, having lost 15 lbs in a just a matter of days. To date he has not needed dialysis but they are considering a blood transfusion. Last I heard his spirits were lifting and he had actually been able to eat a freezie pop the other night. (frozen juice in plastic wrap/tube - just in case others call it by something else)

Please keep up the prayers so that I can keep posting positive reports! As before - the family is extremely grateful for the prayers and thanks you greatly for them, as do we!

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I received this yesterday and with CP's permission I am putting it on the blog:

Hey everyone,

I'm emailing asking for everyone to keep my 4 yr old Ja. in their prayers tomorrow. He's been having migraine headaches for the last few months, not just headaches actual migraines. His pediatrician's are concerned because of the severity of the headaches, the sudden onset and the frequency and felt doing a CT scan would be necessary. Tomorrow a little after 11 we have to be up at the Medical University's children's hospital to have the CT done. They're going to have to do IV sedation during the test. We probably won't know anything as far as results go until at least Monday or Tuesday when his doctors get the official reports. I just ask that you all keep him in your prayers that he doesn't have too rough of a time with the IV and sedation as well as that they find nothing other than a healthy 4 year old brain in their scans.


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