Monday, June 26, 2006

Pick a hand...

Emma walked up to me with one arm behind her back.

"Pick a hand!" she exclaimed, with a big grin and her eyes sparkling.

There was only one hand to pick - so I did and surprise. It was the right one! Imagine that!
In the hand behind her back was a bright purple pen with a fluffy feather on the end.

Her delight in surprsing me was contagious and I was very glad for it because today has been very hard. I think that if life was a huge classroom and God the teacher - I would have been wearing a dunce cap most of the day given my inability to grasp the lesson that He has set before me.

My lesson for today has been the same one he has been tutoring me in for the past four years. Trust. Trust and remembering to pray when I feel that I can not endure the stress I am surrounded by for one more second, never mind possibly for years to come. It is time for me to get out one of my favorite prayers and keep it close by.

Thankfully,God is a merciful and kind teacher and I am not wearing a dunce cap - that I can see anyway. Read more!