Thursday, March 16, 2006

Goggle Ads

In yet another measure to help add to the family income, stained as it is, I have added Google ads. My understanding is that clicks on the ads generate money ... for me. But I had to agree to not click my own ads. Now I am a curious person! Very curious but to date - I have not clicked, but it is a little like that red box that says PULL in case of fire. A terrible temptation. So if anyone has clicked, please feel free to share what you found being advertised. And, please, leave comments if it is anything inappropriate for a Catholic family centered blog such as mine! Read more!

Two favorite people in my life are...

Mr. Duncan Heinz and Mrs Betty Crocker. Of late I have been trying to save money while eating in a healthier manner. So I have baking cookies from scratch and throwing in a little wheat germ when the kids are not looking, and making whole wheat bread in the bread makers. (Yes, that is plural and is not a type O.) Homemade soups have been garnished with fresh biscuits from the oven.

But sometimes I get a little tired of having to bake to satisfy a chocolate urge for snack and sometimes I am just plain tired. Like today. I have a sinus infection and neuralgia in the left side of my face. Add that to the current level stress and I really am not in the baking mood. Emma, 3, is picking up on the stress and, of course, cannot identify what is wrong, let alone verbalize it. Today she crawled up on my lap and cradled my face in her hands.
"Mummy, I'm hungy. Make me tum cookies pease!?"
I knew she was not just cookie hungry, but she was mummy hungry. I looked at her. I had not the energy to make cookies - not even for the Pope were he to drop in. Suddenly I remembered the boxed cake mixes in the pantry. There had been a two for one sale at Foodlion last week. And I had brilliantly not been able to pass up such a bargin despite my current 'gotta eat healthy' kick.

I cuddled Emma and said - "How about some muffins, chocolate muffins?"

"Oh NO! Mummy I need cookies . Pease make me tum cookies. Pease?"

"Oh, but Emma," I bribed, "If we make muffins, you can help me make them!"

I think the most tiring part of the baking the past two months has been all of the help I have been forced to accept. But a boxed cake mix! SO simple.

We went to the pantry, dug out two cake mixes, hauled a chair to the counter and we were off to the races. She stired and I measured , she dumped ingredients and I sprayed cake pans. In less than ten minutes we have four cake pans in the oven and baking. Two hearts and two circles.

Now as the children are finishing off the fresh vegetable soup, the table is adorned with two very festive looking cakes. Thank you Mr. Heinz and Mrs. Crocker! Thanks to your boxed mixes - my daughter and I enjoyed such a lovely quiet time together this afternoon and now our family will enjoy a yummy, scrummy dessert together. Read more!