Sunday, April 01, 2007

Whazsup with us???

It is almost Easter and our Lent, as usual, has been eventful and full of stress. However, as the temperature rises, the flowers begin to bloom, our dogwoods become laden with blossoms and the grass grows greener by the day it has struck me more than ever the wonder of Easter blending with spring.

It is so appropriate that as we throw off the shadows of winter and welcome the warming rays of the spring sun so too are we emerging from the long days of Lent and entering into the wondrous celebration of Easter.

Given the long bout of illness that our family has suffered from since mid December, it feels as though our family, as a whole, is emerging like a butterfly from its cocoon. As Easter draws closer we are gaining in strength and energy and I feel hopeful that when Easter Sunday dawns we will be almost, if not completely, healthy. All except my 20 year old son, who is continuing to take heart medication in slowly increasing doses. It is hoped that these meds will increase the strength of his heart until we can begin to reverse the process and begin to wean him off these meds leaving him with a fully functioning heart.

I would like to ask people to join their prayers with ours for the success of this treatment.

We, as a family have been working on many goals. Both my husband and I began a lifestyle change in regards to our diet and exercise. As a result my husband is only a few pounds short of his target weight and looking very buff. I am ten pounds closer to where I want to be and fitting into clothes I could not wear since the birth of my beautiful Elsa who turns two this month.

We really believe that this new year in the church is also going to coincide with big changes in our life. The past year with all the suffering, challenges and difficulties that we have faced have taught us much, made us stronger and also given us a humility that comes with self knowledge.

If things go as well as we are planing, and praying for, than I will soon be able to turn more of my attention to writing again, including the blog here as well as my movie and book review blog.
So stay tuned... and in the meantime, I pray that you and your families have a prayer filled, joyful and peaceful Holy Week and Easter.

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