Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kudos Customer Service...

For Mutual and RBC CENTURA

Seriously... Mutual's customer service is great even if they have problems in their mail room that can result in one's life savings traversing the South East whilst FEDEX tries to figure out just what city our ZIP CODE really does stand for. They tried High Point NC, but High Point simply sent the envelope back to Indiana. Indiana then decided to try Greer, South Carolina. Greer just sent it right back to Indiana. Indiana decided to try another southern town in North Carolina and this town also sent it back to Indiana. At this time Fedex threw up its hands and sent the envelope back to Canada.

Thankfully, after many friendly chats with Mutual's customer service - the envelope safely found its way home to us. It was a Friday, so we hurried to the bank where we deposited the check, had a friendly chat with our branch manager and headed home; secure in the knowledge that the money was safe and sound in my husband's business account.

However, through a set of crazy co-incidences the funds disappeared into the bowels of RBC's vast accounting machine. This brought me into my first contact with RBC's customer service where I found a very friendly and helpful woman who sadly could not sort out what was wrong. Monday we called our manager who worked very hard on our behalf over the next two days to help track down our missing funds.

Last night my attempt to set up online banking for the account that the funds were finally going to be deposited into brought me into contact once more with the friendly customer service reps for RBC CENTURA. An extremely friendly and very helpful lady helped me to set up my account online, activated my ATM card and then helped my husband to do the same.

Finally; at 9:30 am this morning we were able to confirm that the funds were there and available. I immediately took care of some very pressing and rather over due bills. Later this afternoon, I tried to pay another bill with my ATM card only to have it rejected. Not worried as I had not yet activated it as a debit card, only as a credit card, I simply wrote a cheque. However when it was not accepted as a credit card when I tried to pay my internet provider I was a little disturbed. Mentioning it to my husband he coyly suggested I check online "to make sure the money was still there". Rolling my eyes at the impossibility of the money just disappearing, I did as he suggested. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a balance in the
N E G A T I V E.

As it was now after regular business hours I returned once again to the ever friendly and polite customer service via the 1 800 number listed on the website. It appears that RBC CENTURA has again misplaced our money.

However, customer service was very polite and extremely apologetic about it and we must now call our branch in the morning to inquire as to who has decided to move the whole amount of our deposit to another account, rendering this account overdrawn- with transactions that are NOT the ones I made this morning.

So while Mutual has problems in the mail room, and RBC has (serious) problems in accounting - they both have excellent customer service. Hats off to their polite, friendly and very helpful customer service reps. Now if someone in accounting could just put the money BACK in my account and actually LEAVE it there - I would very, very happy! Read more!