Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Morning!

Hello everyone! I hope that those who prayed the Novena to Saint Joseph enjoyed the beautiful pictures for Saint Joseph and the child Jesus. There were a few that I especially love, in particular the one I saved for the last day of the novena.

As you know I was praying for the success of our new business, well here is an update as to where we are currently.

We showed our Internet Seminar to a director of a local non profit organization. The purpose of this nonprofit is to give free computers to people who can not otherwise afford them. Last year they gave 600 away and this year they already have about a thousand applications for more. He was so impressed with our demo that he wants to make the receiving of a free computer contingent on the clients taking our seminar. So he is going to look for grants that would allow his nonprofit to pay us to teach these seminars to his clients. We will also look for some grants ourselves. (I HATE writing grants but...)

We have hooked up with a fellow in Texas through Twitter who is doing the same thing and he has been giving us some advice too. We will show it soon to our priest with hopes of showing it to the Bishop and working through the church a well, as with the nonprofit mentioned up above.

Our church is going to let us use the church, at a very low cost, to teach my ESL classes two nights a week. Just waiting for the dates that a location on the church grounds will be available to put together a flyer for the church bulletin. So we are poised on the edge of things taking off. Can't be soon enough as our savings that we have been living off of for almost two years now are all but depleted. The next few weeks, until we actually see money coming in from these new prospects, are going to be stressful and I humbly ask for your prayers.

One: for the graces to trust in our Lord that all will go well and two: that we can actually get money rolling in so we can catch up with our bills and be able to, once again, pay them on time.

I will be very busy with the writing still left to do both for my classes and the seminar, but will try to keep up with the blog. However, you can also follow me on Twitter the next few weeks for continuous updates - to help fill in with what might be rather sporadic posting.

The puppy boot camp has not been as successful as it needs to be - largely because I have been distracted by work. But we will be refocusing this afternoon and reviewing what is going wrong and what we can do to improve in that area. The puppy has found a few favourite spots for napping that he will sadly outgrow - as in under my glider and on one of the dining room chairs. Before long the little fellow will not fit in either spot and will have to find new places to sleep. He does love the bed we made for him out of an old king sized pillow case and stuffing. We are enjoying him very much!

Cecilia is continuing to grow and loves to converse with us now. She is a doll and when I am feeling particularly stressed about the finances I just look at her and thank Jesus again for the gift of her life in our family and then attempt to put my complete trust in God - once more. It is truly a blessing to be given the privilege of another precious life to raise, as well as to watch the other children enjoy their baby sister. This morning I awoke to hear almost 4 yr old Elsa, who had joined us at about 4 am, talking to her baby sister who was just starting to awaken. "I love you Cecilia!" she crooned to her as she stroked her head. Just too precious and such a privilege to enjoy!


Now I must away to check on the two batches of Janet's Bread that Anna I have started. Many blessings to you all for blessed, peaceful weekend.

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