Saturday, September 30, 2006


Your little snub nose was completely predictable but your fiery dislike of nap time was not.
The tiny wispy curls on the nape of your neck, highlighted with burnished gold hinted at the delightful auburn red curls that now adorn your head.
But I could not determine if your eyes would be deep brown, or twinkly blue. Still, I am un-sure what colour they will be; as bright and dark as they are.
That you would be a tease was not apparent in your angelic expression in the precious ,and all too short, newborn weeks.
Never would have I guessed, as impatient as you were to walk, that you would still insist on being taxied about, only content to view everyday activities from a lofty vantage. Who would have thought the only way to persuade you to view life from your own precious height would be to sit down myself.
Could we have known how gentle you would be with a kitten when you are so fiercely determined to have your own way. Or that you would be patient enough to clasp your hands all through Grace and not eat until we have finished reciting our prayers of thanks?
Can it be, that it has been 17 months already since your birth? So many changes as you rapidly grow in mind, character and strength. So many more to anticipate as we continue to share in God’s glory that is exposed, as only it can be, through the growth and development of a new life.

Thank you God for the wondrous blessing of life that You have allowed us to share in. Over and over and over… Read more!