Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As I am too busy dealing with the interruptions that life as the mother of a large family brings with it I am once more stealing borrowing from Elizabeth Foss. I need to add her to my favourites list on the side if I have not already done so. When I am not so busy dealing with all of these interruptions - I will double check and add her if she is not already there!

In the mean time, if I am not already on the top of your prayer list - please put me on it. This is promising to be a rather stressful summer. However, I promise that in between interruptions I will continue to post about the joys and struggles of being the mum of a large family. So keep popping in and checking to see if I have had a moment to share a thought, whether serious, joyful or just plain silly.

I am also hoping to do a review and possibly a giveaway sometime this summer. Note I am not being rash enough to say this month... or within a few weeks. I am giving myself lots of leeway!

Ok - brief respite from interruptions, aka my life, is over. See you soon - I HOPE!

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