Monday, October 10, 2005

From the living room...

Recently my husband and son were discusing the current job situation in North Carolina - which is not great, esp for those in the high tech industry. My son had begun the conversation by asking how a friend of ours was doing in his search for work after being laid off earlier this summer from my husband's prior employer.

Jonathan (20): "So, Padre - how' s Theo's search for working coming along."

Padre: "Not good - he's beginning to sense there really is nothing out there. It hasn't improved much since I lost my job."

Emma (3): "You LOT your JOB, Daddy???"

Quick looks all around, as we all wondered how to deal with the shocked tone in Emma's voice.

Padre/Daddy: "Yes, Emma I lost my job a long time ago."

Emma: "Ohhhh, I lot my job too."

Snickers filled the room while family members peppered her about where her job had gone etc.

Later in the afternoon:

Mummy: "Whose on table?"

House is silent as Emma pipes up: "Meeee!"

Mummy: "You Emma - you are suppose to clean the table today?"

Emma "Yet!"

Mummy: "Okay, come take this paper plate to the garbage!" I started to gather up other plates she could take to the garbage, might as well get her while her entusisam is high, the child actually responsible for the job had not yet surficed.

Emma carefully carried the single ply plate over to the garbage can, dumped it in and than trotted back to the dinning room and swished past me heading into the living room.

Mummy: "Hey Emma, wait there are more plate to toss out. "

Emma: "Mummmy! I aweady did my job!"

Quick on the draw, Gabriela called out to her; "Oh, so you found your job again?"

Emma, as she grasped one last plate from me to toss out, called back over her shoulder:

"No - dat job is still lot!" Read more!