Monday, June 25, 2007


Two days before the wedding a few of us were indulging in chocolate chips; dark chocolate mind you but chocolate none the less. And we all know what chocolate can do to your complexion if not eaten in moderation. As one of the girls sought another small handful of the luscious chips I quipped, ‘best be careful or you might get pimples. “

I turned my attention back to the flower girl basket that I was working on and as I sewed another stitch on the ribbon for it, I heard a loud gasp and Emma leaped into my line of vision.

“PUMPLES!” she exclaimed. “Chocolate can give you pumples? “

She continued as her little hand stretched out searching for the bag chocolate chips.

“I better put some of dese chocolate chips back if they make pumples. Actually I will put them ALL back!” she declared as she hurriedly stuffed her tiny handful back into the yellow bag.
“I don’t want any pumples for the wedding. I want to be beautiful for the wedding!”

…and she was as you will be able to determine from the photos once I receive them from the photographer.

It was a fairy tale wedding, with a few bitter sweet tears but many more joyous tears shed throughout the day and evening. Thank you to all who prayed for our eldest daughter who had many difficult memories to face that day. She got through it very well, like the trooper she is. She has also been physically very ill, and we are so grateful that she was able to celebrate this day with us.

I have many sweet and funny memories to share as well as loads of photos. However, my camera is missing and so I must wait until our photographer sends the photos onto to us.

In the meantime please keep the new couple, John and Jenny, in your prayers while they travel in the west on their honey moon.

PS Any of my readers who enjoy the photos we often post, please join our prayers to Saint Anthony that through his intercession we will find my camera.

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Here are a few peeks we have been given of the many hundred photos taken throughout the day. However, like me, you will have to wait to view pictures of the bride and groom and the actual wedding. Read more!

A few teasers....

Two of Las Tres Amigas...

My feet hurt and the dancing hasn't even begun!
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Proud daddy of the bride...

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