Tuesday, April 10, 2007

National Prolife T-Shirt Day 2007

What an awesome idea. Wish I had heard of it earlier!

Want a t-shirt to wear on the 24th of April go HERE. It's not too late, I hope!

Here is the website that tells all about this peaceful way of excercising your right to free speech.

This website has several links such as how to promote the day. Or if you are a student wondering about your rights to be allowed to wear a t-shirt - they have a link about that too. Want to check it out - click HERE.

Please pass the word and twll everyone you know about this day!

If you do not have a prolife t-shirt, again you can go HERE to buy one OR, are finances tight? Can't afford t-shirts for all of the children or maybe your youth group? Then buy white t-shirts from a local store be it a Super store or an arts and crafts store. You should be able to find them quite cheap there and then design your own t-shirt with fabric paints or even with iron on transfer kits. (I do not know the cost of such a kit so I might not be suggesting a cost effective alternative with that idea ,but it might be time effective if you can not receive one from an online source before the 24th of April.)

Femminists for life also sell prolife shirts. Click HERE to find them.

Remember April 24th is THE day.... but any day you can proclaim this message of peace and love for the unborn is a good day to wear a prolife t-shirt.

(The Moses image above is one of the many prolife message found at Christianshirts.net ) Read more!