Saturday, March 11, 2006

I got this from Danielle...

… who got it from ramblinggopsoccermom who says she got it from Stacy…

What did I get? This idea!

Lets all get together and send a note of appreciation to our crisis pregnancy centers and prolife organizations. Know a priest who has taken an unpopular stand in a local parish and tried to teach us about the teachings of the church on contraception or pro life issues – drop him a note! Lets all do something. We can’t let the Pro abortionists be the only pro active people! Click here to find a pregnancy center near you!

HERE is where I will send my first thank you note! Read more!

Mini Poll Results...

And heeere are the results from last week's poll - "What are you doing for Lent?"
Increasing Prayer time came in first at 45 %,
What I am doing is not listed came in at a close second at 23%.
Giving Up Chocolate came in third at 7 %.

With this weeks poll, I am hoping that if people choose 'other', that they will be willing to post here what their favourite feast Day is. Please do not feel you have to, but I would love to know especially as it might be a Feast day I am unfamiliar with. Perhaps some of us would also like to post why they voted for the one they chose. Read more!

Lost and Found

We are currently trying to find God Parents that we have lost contact with in Canada and just found one God Mother, Kathy Clark, and have discovered that she has written a children's novel, A Whisper In My Heart.

Check out this book - I know Kathy's life story and I am sure that this book is going to tug at the heartstrings and be very enlightening at the same. I hope to read it myself very soon, and will post a review here as soon as we have finished reading it.

Here is the synopsis of the book followed by a short excerpt;

Ten-year-old Klari/Claire is about to meet her parents for the first time in seven years. Why did her parents abandon her seven long years ago? And more importantly, why do they want her back?

Klari/Claire is trapped in a world where no one understands her language, where the other children make fun of her and where everything is new and frightening. As she tries to gain acceptance, Klari/Claire learns something about herself, and this knowledge enables her to conquer her fears and uncertainty.

"My parents might force me to live with them, but I will not let them really know me. I will make sure that the separation they started seven years ago will remain forever. No one will ever know what I think and feel. I will be strong. I will not give in."

Why Kathy wrote this book;

"When my daughter was ten years old, she and I were on a walk together and she asked me what school had been like for me when I was her age.

As I explained what my school experience had been like back in 1963, I realized how different it was from her own. I had just arrived from another country, did not speak the language, and had a very hard time making friends. School was a big struggle for me. As I related my experiences to my daughter, I began to think that this could become a story worth sharing with other Canadian children.

In Canada, we have the privilege of sharing the beauty and wealth of our country with people from all around the world. However, we often do not appreciate the difficulties that immigrants encounter when they first arrive here. I wanted to write a book in which some of these seemingly insignificant difficulties are recognized. I wanted to encourage Canadian children to welcome people from other countries, and make them feel accepted instead of alienated. I hope my story will help children consider how their actions affect immigrant children who are striving to fit in and be accepted by them."

I can't wait to receive my copy of this book! Read more!